Medical Healthcare Technology Aims at easing connectivity and communication


Medical technology aims at easing connectivity and communication for individuals with sensory, physical or cognitive difficulties, impairments and disabilities to fully participate in society. Technological developments over the past years have made it possible to integrate many of the key features required for medical technology into mainstream products making these concepts a reality.

Our Process

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Wibit has the requisite skill sets in designing and developing devices connected to the Internet of Things for medical technology. These include items designed specifically to help people with vision loss or other disabilities, like portable scanners for the visually impaired or screen magnifiers for low-vision computer users, audio/hearing aids, and personal diagnostic instruments like EEG/ECG Monitoring, Fetal heart rate monitoring, BP monitoring etc.

WiBit’s embedded product design services for medical and technology include board and FPGA design, integration of medical sensors, porting, middleware and application development.

WiBit’s range of expertise in medical technology includes:

Embedded application design and Development with features like 
  • Interactive voice based menu
  • Low Latency Graph Plotting for vital signs
  • Generation and Storage of Vital signs output
  • Low Latency Data Exchange with PC devices for off-line analysis
                                  Integration of Internet/Cloud based services for
  • Video analytics, Currency / object recognition, Barcode scan and Online Product Search
  • VOIP/ Skype integration
  • Heart-Rate, ECG Calculation/Analysis Algorithm(s) Integration
  • Custom DSP Libraries Integration for data Analysis
  • Integration of Wireless Technologies like WiFi, BT, GPS and GSM/GPRS
  • OTA updates
  • Hardware accelerators integration
  • Analog Front End electronics for high precision data capture
  • Third party library integration for voice recognition, gesture recognition, OCR, TTS and likes
  • Power and Battery Management
  • Assisting End customers in document submission for FDA Approvals
  • Design for compliance
Hardware Design and Firmware 
  • Hardware abstraction layer customization
  • Boot time optimization
  • Form factor designs
                                  Sensor Integration 
  • Pulse Oximetry, ECG/EEG, Non-Invasive BP
  • Gyro, Camera, Accelerometer

Some of the medical technology projects executed by WiBit include:

  • RFID based portable device to help visually impaired identify prescription information on a pill bottle
  • Medical device for processing and monitoring fetal and maternal ECG data
  • All-in-one” portable scanner to aid visual or print impaired individuals
  • Multi-lingual medical assistance system to aid patients and medical professionals speaking different languages
  • Android based Handheld Electronic Magnifier for low vision