Hardware Design Services From the stage of initial architecture to manufacturing


From the stage of initial architecture to manufacturing, WiBit provides PCB layout, board design, programmable logic and enclosure designs integrating FPGAs, DSPs, microprocessors, and complex RF, analog, and power systems to create complete electronic design solutions.

Our Process

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WiBit’s Embedded Hardware Design services include:


  • Texas Instruments - OMAP2/3/4/5, AM/DM37x, AM335, AM437x, DM81xx, DM644x, C55x DSP,C64x DSP, C67x DSP, MSP430
  • Analog Devices - ADSP 218x, ADSP- 219x, SHARC, TigerSHARC, Blackfin
  • ARM - ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, ARM® Cortex™-A8/A9/A15
  • Freescale - i.MX21, i.MX27, i.MX25, i.MX51, PowerPC
  • Marvell - XScale, PXA, 255, 310, 610
  • Microchip - PIC, dsPIC
  • Intel – 8051, x86
  • Renesas/ BroadcomSamsung – H8, SHExynos 4/5


Based Design Services 

PCB Layout and Analysis 

  • Digital Designs
  • Mixed Signal Designs
  • Embedded Processor based Designs
  • Small Footprint Designs
  • Battery operated Designs
  • Wireless Designs
  • Library Management
  • PCB Layout Design
  • Signal Integrity
  • Thermal Analysis
  • DFx (Design for Testing/Manufacturability/Assembly)
  • Manufacturing Support