PCB Layout and Analysis Specializes in cost-effective embedded hardware development solutions


With over 5+ years of experience in PCB Layout and Analysis,WiBit offers PCB designing for RF, HDI & mixed signal multi-layer PCB designs. WiBit specializes in cost-effective embedded hardware development solutions for customers requiring high-reliability products while on aggressive timelines.

Our Process

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WiBit’s PCB Design Services include complex multi-processor and multi-layer boards with proven design methodologies, process and quality checks.The PCB Design Services team at 4Wing has designed & deployed over 10,000 PCBA in the market, including 100+ MIL standard Class-3 PCB and HDI PCB assemblies.WiBit’s PCB Design Services services include Library Management, PCB Layout Design, Signal Integrity, Thermal analysis and Manufacturing Support. These include:

PCB Layout Design 

  • RF & Antenna PCBs
  • High Density Interconnects (HDIs)
    • μBGA, fine pitch, micro via, blind and buried vias and backdrill
  • Multi-layer PCBs (up to 32)
  • Flex and RigidFlex
Power Integrity 
  • Frequency domain analysis
  • Time domain Analysis
  • Decoupling design
  • Design/analysis of power islands/power splits.
                                  PCB Design Tool 
  • Mentor Graphics – PADS and Xpedition
  • Cadence – Allegro
  • Altium

Thermal Analysis 

  • Air & conduction cooled
  • Power Distribution
  • 2D/3D Analysis
  • Placement Management
  • Report Generation