Production Support Services Capable of overseeing and managing low-volume production of 1000-10000 units


Wibit Production Support Services focuses on managing customer’s product production effectively and successfully by helping them deliver their products on time at a cost-effective manufacturing price. Wibit production team is capable of overseeing and managing low-volume production also.

Our Process

Production Support Services_PDMM.png

Wibit production support services offer customers: 

  • Cost-effective end-to-end solutions
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Planning, Forecasting and Inventory Management
  • Design and Engineering Support
  • BOM Management
  • Integration of Hardware and Software
  • Reliability testing
  • Global infrastructure and ISO-certified Facilities
  • L1, L2, L3 Support
Material Management 
  • Volume Forecast
  • Schedule Planning
  • Inventory procurement and lead time
                                  Support and Documentation 
  • Pre-and post sale support
  • Online support: Product Registration, RMA, updates/patches
  • Online Documentation (Gerber, Schematics, Mechanical Drawings, Quick Start Guide, User Guide, FAQ, Errata)
  • State-of-the-art packaging (Design or user provided)
  • Hardware packed in anti-static pouches
  • Software in DVD, SD Card etc.
  • OOBE (Out-Of-Box Experience)
  • Deliverables (Hardware + Software + Accessories + Documentation)
                                  Testing and Diagnostics 
  • Automated test cases
  • Validation of interfaces
  • Module-level bring-up and functional tests
  • Integration tests
  • Customized testing (Burn-in, Flying probe, Thermal, In-circuit, Performance)
Production Run 
  • Pilot Build (Thermal and Soldering Profiles, Test Cases)
  • Production Build (volume build, part numbering, revision/version control, test records, yield reports)