Software Development


Embedded software is at the heart of all intelligent devices and WiBit helps product developers address the ever-increasing demand in this space. WiBit’s Software Development Team possesses a comprehensive skill set which spans board support packages and OS porting to middle-ware, application development and compatibility testing (CTS).

Our Process

Software Development_SoftwareDevelopment-processdiagram.jpg

Operating Systems

WiBit’s embedded software design services is optimized over a wide range of popular RTOS platforms and proprietary micro-kernels. Some of the RTOS platforms Mistral’s team has worked on include:

  • RTOS/Kernel: Embedded Linux, Android, Windows Embedded CE, VxWorks, uCLinux, Carrier Grade Linux, Nucleus, iTRON, Integrity, Velocity
  • Proprietary Kernel: VDK, DSP-BIOS
  • RTOS abstraction
  • Board Bring up and verification
  • Boot loader porting and hardening
  • Minimum Kernel/OAL Support
  • Hardware Abstraction Layer
  • FPGA/CPLD based digital logic designs and IP cores
                                  Middleware Development 
  • Design and Implementation of HAL
  • API’s for non-standard peripherals
  • Customization and enhancements to middleware
  • Customizing of media, display, overlay, storage and HMI framework
  • Client server/based Application
  • Manufacturing Support

Drivers and BSP 

  • Audio/Video: AC97, Speech/Audio Codec, SPDIF, PCM/I2S, 5.1, dual codecs, Video Codecs, PPI (ITU-R 656), Mini Driver, WDM Driver
  • Display: HDMI, Component, Composite, DVI, LVDS, MIPI, S-Video, LCD
  • Storage: CFlash, HDD, NAND/NOR, SATA, SD-MMC, eMMC, EEPROM, USB Mass Storage, Disk-on-chip, Card Reader
  • Connectivity: USB1.1, USB2.0 (Host and Function), Ethernet, IR, CAN
  • Communication: E1/T1, I2C, SPI, PCI, PCIe, PC-MCIA, PMC, XMC, PCI-X, VME, SCSI, HDLC, SDIO, Serial Port
  • Wireless: GPS, GSM/2G/3G/HSDPA/LTE, W-LAN, 802.11a/b/g, FM, Bluetooth, Zigbee, NFC
  • User Interface: LCD, Touch Screen, Graphics Controller, CD-ROM, Fingerprint scanner, Joystick, Keyboard, Keypad, Mouse, IR Remote, UI with Rotary Encoder, GPIO
  • Others: HDMI, Component, Composite, DVI, LVDS, MIPI, S-Video, LCD
  • Display: Buzzer, UART, Accelerometer, Power Management, ADC, DAC, DMA
Testing and validation 
  • Diagnostics SW development
  • Test case development
  • Test script development for test automation
  • Production test suite development
  • Test results analysis and reporting
  • Test Framework Generation/Customization
                                  Application Development 
  • QT/Android Based UI applications
  • Embedded applications for head-less devices
  • Media framework customization
  • Media streaming server / applications
  • Database and web-services
  • Test Framework Generation/Customization